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David Longhorn Scare StreetDavid Longhorn was born in North East England long before the internet, but fortunately they had plenty of books in those days! He enjoyed reading all sorts of fact and fiction in childhood and also became a huge fan of old horror movies and the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas on television, despite losing a lot of sleep as a result.

He went on to get a degree in English Studies, which somehow led him to a career in local government, which in turn took him into a recording studio where he provided voice-overs, read news, and did a lot of other audio stuff. It’s been that kind of life, really – a bit random but quite interesting.

All the while he was reading and writing supernatural fiction, influenced by both the classic tales of writers like Ambrose Bierce, M.R. James, and Edgar Allan Poe, but also by modern masters such as Stephen King. He hopes to write a lot more about the world of the dead and undead, assuming they let him…


Red Chapel (Dark Isle Series Book 3)

Length: 144 pages

Available on Amazon

Professor Mark Stine has been running for his life ever since he arrived in England.

On the island of Skara Farne, the venomous ghost of Abbot Thomas Beauclerc is back and out for blood. Though Mark has moved to Cambridge, the nightmares have returned and his girlfriend, Sue, is concerned. Mark knows the war isn’t over; it’s just beginning!

Both officers, Jo Garland and Masson have their hands full with a slew of deadly assaults happening in the city. Each victim is missing a vital organ – eyes from one, kidney from another and the gruesome list goes on. Witnesses report seeing a grotesque monster who appears and disappears like mist. Jo wonders if the monster, now dubbed the Mutilator, is really the Follower – a formless, invisible member of the Abbot’s unholy killing machine!

All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the bodies keep adding up. Mark, Sue, Jo and Masson race against time to stop the Abbot and his grisly henchmen. Mark soon learns he’s only one part of the Abbot’s plan. This time, the evil is more insidious and the Abbot is more aggressive. When Mark discovers what the last grisly piece of the puzzle is, he goes after the Abbot with a vengeance, never realizing that in destroying the Abbot, he could destroy himself.


White Tower (Dark Isle Series Book 2)

Length: 152 pages

Available on Amazon

Professor Mark Stine can’t believe his working vacation on the island resort of Skara Farne is turning into the nightmare from Hades! First, he’s cursed – dogged by the sinister ghost of a medieval monk, Abbot Thomas Beauclerc. Then, when he tries to leave the island, he’s involved in a bizarre car crash. Now, through an Ouija board, he gets a message that’s loud and clear: Do Not Leave! With the help of his new friends, Mark is determined to break the curse and get back to the States, while staying out of the clutches of Abbot Thomas and his heinous henchman, the Follower!

When the body of a retired teacher is found in a sand grave on the beach, that is only the first of a strange string of deaths. Islanders and tourists are scared. Ghosts of Vikings and monks have been seen all over the island and Mark is fighting a losing battle against the Abbot who’s determined to possess Mark’s body.

As the bodies pile up, the Follower, a shifting shadow who does the Abbot’s killing becomes more active and no one is safe. With no choice but to stay and fight, Mark faces the grim unreality of the ghost realm only to learn that his death was planned centuries ago. Unless he can solve the mystery of the white tower, it’s only a matter of time before Mark joins the ghosts of Skara Farne!


Dark Isle (Dark Isle Series Book 1)

Length: 161 pages

Available on Amazon

Mark Stine is an American academic enjoying his year as a visiting professor at Cambridge University. But when he starts researching the long-dead English writer, Monty Summerskill, he quickly discovers that truth is stranger than fiction. Turns out Summerskill’s ghost stories were based on horrifying reality. One that caused the author’s shocking death.

Mark’s journey takes him to dark places, where he finds himself haunted by a ghost from his troubled childhood. But that’s nothing compared to the terrors that await as he heads towards the Dark Isle, where the solution to an ancient mystery lies.

Something far more terrifying than any ghost is on his trail. Awakened after decades of hibernation, it is deadly, unstoppable and hungry.

Hungry for blood.


Horror Stories: A Short Story Collection (FREE)

Length: 103 pages

Available on Amazon

A young woman’s night-time escapade goes eerily wrong. A man is forced to relive the horrible accident that tore his family apart over and over again. An underground thrill through ancient catacombs proves disastrously horrific. A young boy is haunted by the scarecrow in the fields behind his home. And a woman is revisited by the ghost of a psychotic killer in the most dreadful of ways.

Scare Street brings you some of the best short horror stories by authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Eric Whittle, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser, all in one book. Together, these stories promise more than just a shiver down the spine and a fear of the dark, but the soft caress of terror that comes with the unknown and the unexpected.

Join us through the pages of the best of what Scare Street has to offer, and be sure to bring a night light along with you. You definitely don’t want to be left alone in the dark!

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The Smog (Sentinel Series Book 3)

Length: 166 pages

Available on Amazon

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952, the future is bright with promise for England and American reporter, Rachel Beaumont. Life couldn’t be sweeter; her book is a smash hit, her husband has settled into his job at the ministry and their young daughter, Emily, is growing like the proverbial weed. But when Emily has a nightmare about the “Raggedy Men”, Rachel knows – without a doubt – the Sentinels are back. Her days as a seer are far from over. More ghosts than ever need her assistance to cross over.

Ghost sightings are popping up all over London. Police officer Jack Warner’s patrol is riddled with nightly visits of Jack the Ripper and his victims re-enacting their macabre dance of death over and over again before disappearing as quickly as they appear. Deadly smog is claiming more lives than anyone can imagine. Churchill wants the Witchcraft Act abolished but little does he know that England is on a collision course with the ghost world and the smog deaths are just the beginning. It isn’t until Rachel meets famed radio celebrity and host of The Ghost Mans series that everything starts to make sense and she figures out the true danger lies within her own family.

Rachel is no stranger to murder, mayhem and monsters, but this time, the stakes are too high and the losses are too deep. They seem to be adding up like casualties during the war. Rachel soon realizes she has much more to lose than her own life!


The Haunter (Sentinel Series Book 2)

Length: 160 pages

Available on Amazon

Rachel Rubin, an American reporter, is only interested in writing about the war, but England in 1945 is swarming with ghosts who need her help. She is the only person who can help them come to terms with their deaths and finally move on. After Rachel’s husband, Tony, inherits a manor near the Scottish Border, they decide to travel there for a vacation away from all those ghosts. But not before they attend a secret séance led by an infamous medium, Madam Castanos, with their friends, Charlotte and Bill. The medium quickly realizes Rachel is not only a reporter, but that she also possesses special abilities.

When they reach the manor, two gruesome events mark their arrival – a death and a disappearance. Unbeknownst to them, Madam Castanos is hot on their heels with warnings that shake even the fearless medium herself! Rachel soon learns of the Beaumont Curse – a legend filled with incredulity. However, after Charlotte is attacked by an evil rotten thing, Rachel is sure the legend is more fact than fable!

With the curse hanging over their heads, Rachel and Tony race against time to stop the death and destruction surrounding Furniss Manor. Secrets and betrayal shroud their efforts and expose a malevolent demon more deadly than any of them can imagine. When Rachel discovers the demon’s power is fueled by death, she wonders if the coming battle will signal the end of her short, young life …

Sentinels (Sentinel Series Book 1)

Length: 148 pages

Available on Amazon

A crown. A church. A ship buried underwater for centuries. And the power that awaits…

England in 1940 is marked by blackouts, air raids and the threat of enemy bombs. Yet, in pastoral Duncaster, against the backdrop of awe-inspiring cliffs and a roiling sea, reporter Rachel Rubin fights an adversary more deadly than the Germans: a foe that only she can see, it seems.

According to legend, King Redwald’s treasure is in Duncaster and is protected by a foul curse. Believing in old folk tales is utter nonsense to the true blue American Rachel … until she starts having disturbing dreams and seeing ghosts!

As the danger escalates, more chilling events occur. Rachel races against time to discover the truth. She doesn’t know who to trust, but one thing is certain– the bodies are piling up and Doomsday looms on Duncaster’s watery horizon!

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