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ScareStreet.com is a collaboration between multiple horror writers to create and consistently deliver high quality scary stories!  And that includes short horror stories, ghost stories and horror books. It has grown tremendously thanks to your readership.  We are dedicated to delivering thrills and chills.  And we’ll happily measure our success through the number of nightmares caused and hours of sleepless nights.

Meet The Team

Editor In Chief

Emma Salam Scare StreetEmma Salam has lived most of her life traveling between USA and Egypt, spending most of the time on planes and in airports reading as many books as she could.

She has edited many horror stories. To this day, she still believes that the flickering of lights in her home is because of the evil these books bring out, and always has a flashlight handy, just in case.

Other than traveling and reading, she enjoys coffee, cookies, and testing her husband’s patience while her daughter tests hers.



Editor In Chief

Nick Efstathiou

Nick Efstathiou is a bibliophile, bibliomaniac, and, not surprisingly, an avid reader. He has worked as a freelance writer and editor for over twenty years and holds an advanced degree from Norwich University.

He, his wife, and three children live in quaint, white house, where he makes sure the closet doors are closed and the curtains drawn after sundown.


Lance PiaoLance Piao, like a large and matronly grizzly, watches over his children, by which he means to say, his large store of books. He lives with his husband, his books, and his dulcimer in a small room with grey walls. He still has trouble understanding why he’s there and why he has a dulcimer.

5 comments on “About Us

  1. Love the Berkeley Street series. Just finished book 8. Will there be a book 9 and if so when? Can’t wait for the next one. Mr. Ripley thank you for such good reading. Looking forward to your next book.

    • Yes, there will be a book 9. It’s being written now and planning for a release in mid-June 🙂

  2. Ron,

    I got started with the Moving In series, and was immediately hooked. Sure, there’s tons of ghost stories out there, and the vast majority of them are quite enjoyable. But it’s been ages since any books have creeped me out (since I was in high school … in the 90s …. and it was Phantoms by Dean Koontz … because that man has a gift). But the Moving In series creeped me right the heck out. And then I was so pleased when Shane got his own time to shine. It’s ridiculously satisfying to go along for the ride when he rips ghosts to shreds.

    Can’t wait for the next Berkley Street novel!

    Two things – I miss Leo. Could he maybe materialize in out midst more often? And I would’ve smiled like the cat who ate the canary if Shane had mailed the heads of the Hitchcock team to Boston. Turn about is fair play, after all.

  3. Just finish reading the last book in the Berkeley series. Fantastic book. Looking forward to your next series of books.

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