So, here we are. The end of Shane’s story.

Think about that for a minute. Just a minute.

You’ve traveled a long way with him. We both have. Almost half a million words.

And it comes down to this.

The final act, the last few scenes with our friend. And he is our friend, because we’ve suffered with him and we’ve cheered for him.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Not forever, mind you, because Shane is a little too strong for that. But our time with him has come to an end.

Will he go gently into the night? No, of course not. He’s obstinate, hard-headed, and loyal. He has people to avenge and wrongs to right.

So come on. It’s time to join them. Shane, Frank, and Marie. We’re going to square off with Clair and the Watchers. Pack your shotguns. Put on your iron rings. Make sure you’ve got the rounds loaded with salt.

But be careful. This fight is guaranteed to be bloody, and not everyone will be standing at the end.

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Amherst Burial Ground by Ron Ripley

This is the final installment of the Berkley Street series.  For the best reading experience, please read the following in chronological order:

1. Berkley Street
2. The Lighthouse
3. The Town of Griswold
4. Sanford Hospital
5. Kurkow Prison
6. Lake Nutaq
7. Slater Mill
8. Borgin Keep
9. Amherst Burial Ground