Attention horror Lovers

This Bestseller Will Make you Question the cold fingers brushing across your neck...

​are you brave enough to handle This Haunting?​

Prepare yourself for a walk down Berkley Street with Shane Ryan...

Shane Ryan returns to New Hampshire where his parents disappeared 20 years ago.

After a nightmarish legal battle with his estranged aunt and uncle, the former Marine has possession of the family home. The house, a monstrous castle filled with ghosts and secrets, is more alive than its inhabitants.

When his aunt and uncle vanish, things take a turn for the worse. The police immediately label Shane as their prime suspect. And a detective is sent to investigate the strange occurrences on Berkley Street.

But Shane has more pressing matters...

There's something lurking beyond the walls and beneath the surface. 

Something sinister that has haunted him ever since he saw its face in the pond behind the house.

And it isn’t happy that Shane is back.

It isn’t happy at all...


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