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Readers tell us they're hooked on Scare Street novels. Because they're a creepy ride from start to finish. 

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Death awaits you at Squirrel Island

The Berkley Street series continues on the infamous Squirrel Island. It's a place cut off from the world, equipped with a lighthouse to guarantee safe passage.

​But this lighthouse is anything but safe.

After a mysterious suicide, the island catches the attention of local police and Shane Ryan.

The officers warn residents to steer clear. But that doesn't stop a shipwrecked group of friends from stumbling their way in.

Things take a turn for the worse when one of them vanishes.

And begin to disappear...one by one.

The police dismiss any notions of foul play.

But Shane Ryan knows better than that.

He knows there's something in that lighthouse killing innocent bystanders.

And he's decided that it's time for the killings to stop.

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