Is there anything quite as creepy as an evil child?

I remember, years ago, watching a documentary on female serial killers. There were dozens of women that sent chills down my spine, but the one that stuck with me the most was a little girl named Mary Bell. Before she had even celebrated her tenth birthday, she had already murdered two people and didn’t carry the slightest hint of remorse about it. But it wasn’t just the crime or her age that lodged in the back of my mind. It was that in every photograph they showed of her, she looked like a sweet little girl. So long as you didn’t look her in the eyes.

Maybe it was the benefit of hindsight, but there was something dark and cold within her gaze that set off little alarms in the back of my head. It made me wonder just what it would be like to be faced with a killer like her. Who would help me? Who would even believe me?And, perhaps most importantly, would I be able to hurt a child for my survival?

Then I stumbled across the legend of Black Eyed Children, and a new question added to the pile in my head. Would I be able to turn away a child in distress just because they creeped me out? Unable to answer these questions on my own, and not entirely sure I’d want to know the answers, I decided to hurl them at my main character and see what she would do. Because really, who wants to watch someone make easy decisions?









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