Shane has come a long way, and you’ve come that distance with him.

Are you ready to go a little further?

He’s been in some dark places, and you’ve been in the dark with him. You’ve been there when he’s taken a beating more than once. And as you’ve seen, there’s something more going on out there. Not in the world of the dead where Shane finds himself so often, but in our world. The place where he should be safe … but isn’t.

Borgin Keep is a building that truly combines the horrors of both worlds. It is a place that is vastly important to the Watchers, and terrifying to them as well.

And, I hope, it’s going to be terrifying for you, too.

This place is a little darker, and it was frightening even to me as it unfolded.

But we’re all going there, together. You and me, Shane and Frank, and we’re going to meet Mr. Borgin.

I’d like to tell you he’s a nice man.
I’d like to tell you that he’s not as terrible as you might think.
But that would be lying.

Come on into the kitchen at Berkley Street, sit down with Shane. Help him open his mail, and let’s see what’s going to happen.

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This is the 8th installment of the Berkley Street series.  For the best reading experience, please read the following in chronological order:
1. Berkley Street
2. The Lighthouse
3. The Town of Griswold
4. Sanford Hospital
5. Kurkow Prison
6. Lake Nutaq
7. Slater Mill
8. Borgin Keep