Chelsey Dagner (Ghost Stories)

Chelsey Dagner is a horror novelist, and originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. Now residing in Greensboro, North Carolina, Chelsey has written numerous creepy articles and paranormal e-books for various horror and supernatural websites. She takes delight in anything and everything that goes bump in the night.

She is proud to admit that she has lived in several haunted houses, one of which was haunted by her dead cat. When she isn’t writing, Chelsey divides her time between watching horror movies (both good and terrible ones), playing far too many video games, and working with teens and adults at the local library.

For a list of my most recent works, see below and my Amazon Author Page!


Ghost Mirror (Ghost Mirror Series Book 1)

Length: 214 pages

Fourteen-year-old Dylan Reynolds is anything but happy when his parents decide to move the family to Traverse City, Michigan. Suddenly friendless and angry, Dylan decides to run away from home, and has a chance encounter with a traveling hypnotist.

The hypnotist, a pompous man who calls himself Dr. Dark, is more than willing to show Dylan forgotten details about his past. But Dylan’s world is turned upside down when he recalls a memory of himself when he was a baby, seated next to another toddler who looks exactly like him.

Confronting his parents, Dylan learns that he was born an identical twin, and that his brother, Derek, drowned when they were little. Dylan is shocked by the news, but is even more shocked when Derek’s ghost suddenly begins to appear in his bedroom each night, eager to bond with the brother that had long forgotten him.

However, Derek isn’t the friendly ghost Dylan assumes him to be. As Dylan learns more about his dead twin, he quickly realizes he’s missing a crucial link in his brother’s story, and when he finally learns what it is, the result is devastating.


Gatekeeper (Ghost Mirror Series Book 2)

Length: 214 pages

Only the gatekeeper can save his soul…

It’s been four years since Dylan first encountered Derek, a demonic spirit, while under hypnosis. Now eighteen, Dylan is beginning to feel like he can lead a normal life again. His heart is set on college, and a charming classmate at school. But his plans come to a screeching halt when Derek makes a sudden reappearance, looking more sinister than ever.

Father O’Brien has since passed away, leaving Dylan feeling scared and alone. Desperate for help, he turns to Evelyn Nardini, a skilled tarot reader and paranormal expert. After reading Dylan’s cards, Evelyn becomes convinced that the elusive hypnotist, Dr. Dark, holds the key as to why Derek has been able to reappear in Dylan’s life.

As Dylan begins the search, Evelyn tries to come to terms with Derek’s motivations, as well as where the demon lives when he isn’t tormenting Dylan. She begins to suspect that Derek is utilizing some kind of gateway from Hell— one that must be destroyed at any cost.

Things come to a twisted turn when Dylan finds Dr. Dark and realizes that the hypnotist is far more involved than he thought, and that without his help, Dylan has no chance of surviving the evil lurking in the shadows…