Banshee Series Books 1 - 6
Banshee Series Books 1 - 6
Banshee Series Books 1 - 6

Banshee Series Books 1 - 6

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When Benton dreams, people die…

Benton Bertrand wants to be an ordinary teenager, with a normal life. But when the sun goes down and he falls asleep, he is haunted by terrifying visions of murder and bloodshed. At first, he thought they were just regular nightmares. But he soon learns they are something more. Something much darker…

Benton is a banshee, cursed with the ability to see impending death through the killer’s own eyes. And he knows it’s only a matter of time before his dreams become reality. But no matter how hard he tries to stop these ghastly murders, it always ends the same way—with death, and more nightmares tormenting his soul.

As Benton travels across the country, he learns more about his strange abilities, including his greatest power… a supernatural scream than can kill demons and banish the undead. It’s a power he’ll need to master quickly. Because something is stalking Benton and his loved ones — an evil unlike any he has ever faced before.

And if Benton can’t stop it in time, his next scream may be his last…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Unheard of,I loved this series of stories.Sara Clancy you write as close to Stephen King as I could imagine.I am now a fan.Going to find more of your books.. Absolutely fell in love with His and Benton." - Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Forget anything you think you know about Banshee 's. Almost every character you'll either love or dislike. Very few inbetween characters. You keep hoping the main character will start acting half as brave and resourceful as his best friend Nicole. Waiting to see if their saga continues. The stories are not long and you can't complain about the price." - Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I really liked the series. The first book was kind of slow at first as you had to understand the background of the characters. It got going towards the middle and it was a wild ride throughout the rest of the books. Quite scary. Sara Clancy is really good at this" - Reviewer

Books Included in the Bundle:

✅ Midnight Screams (Book 1)

✅ Whispering Graves (Book 2)

✅ Shattered Dreams (Book 3)

✅ Rotting Souls (Book 4)

✅ Weeping Moon (Book 5)

✅ Death Veil (Book 6)

735 pages

He opened the eyes that were not his own and walked with legs he had never used. Candlelight flickered. It toyed with the gaps in the stones, creating deep shadows that weaved over the walls like spider webs. The play of shadow and light was a thing of beauty as they draped over the polished wood of the caskets. He weaved through his collection, lovingly running his taloned nails along the edges of each one he passed. It had taken so long to build the collection. To find his pristine specimens amongst the entire firth. To find those worthy to be here. Preparing each had been an equally painstaking task, but it had all been worth it. They were perfect and, finally, the time was right to add another.

The newest coffin was more of a masterpiece than a vessel for the dead. The craftsmanship was exquisite, carved and polished to a high shine. He ran his fingers over the cool, slick surface as he rounded the foot and peered down at his newest addition. The man lying within the coffin eagerly sought out his gaze. They always did. When they were his, everything they needed could be found in his attention. Fear still lingered in the murky depths of the eyes of his new toy, but it didn't matter. It never did. Their need for him always surpassed their instincts to survive.

"Are you scared?" He spoke the words with a voice that didn't belong to him. It was one he didn't recognize.

"A little," the man stammered.

"It's okay," he assured as he fluttered his fingers over the nearby instruments. "It will all be over soon. And then you'll be with me forever."

The young man was going to make such a fine possession. Trust. Loyalty. Love. He gave it all so freely. He reached out, his borrowed hand like a glove pulled too tight, and then wrapped his fingers around the large needle. His new claw-like nails clacked against its surface, the sound making his newest possession hitch his breath. But he didn't attempt to crawl out of his zinc-lined coffin.

The obedience made pleasure blossom within his chest. He repeatedly shifted his fingers, just to produce the sound again. The limited light danced over the inch long needle and its adjoining glass jar. While he didn't try to escape, his delightful young man didn't immediately move to take the needle when offered. Instead, he eyed it carefully, his growing fear forcing the first few tears out of his eyes.

"I don't want to die."

Unfurling his new long fingers, he cradled the needle in the palm of his hand.

"Do you love me?"

The answer came immediately, dripping with devotion. "Of course."

"Is there anything you would deny me?"

"Nothing. I'll give you anything."

The finely pointed nails left thin red trails along his possession's skin as he trailed his hand over his cheek. Like a loyal dog, the boy nuzzled against his palm.

"All I ask for ... is your life."

Even though the terror never left the boy's water-lined eyes, he still reached out and took the needle. His hesitation came back only after the sharp tip was poised over the soft blue trail of his vein. A fine tremor shook his hand until blood began to well around the tip.

"Show me how much you love me."

With a choked sob that ended with a pitiful whisper, his precious new toy pushed. Blood quickly swelled and flooded the tube. It created a sweet, gentle gurgling noise as it filled the jar and drained the life out of the man's veins.


Benton's eyes snapped open.

Just a dream, he told himself.

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