“So, where do you get your crazy ideas, Dave?”

Well, not far from my hometown stands Durham Cathedral, described by the US travel writer Bill Bryson as the finest cathedral in Britain. It is a huge building, nine hundred years old, and dominates Durham City like a great beast crouching over its prey. Google it – you won’t be disappointed. Weyrmouth Cathedral is a fictionalized version of Durham, build on less secure foundations.

The Weyrmouth series springs from a very simple question – what if medieval builders used a very common ‘trick’ of the time to ensure the huge cathedral tower did not fall down – which happened quite a lot? This trick was essentially black magic and was more commonly used in bridges. It was a monstrously cruel act – as these things often are. It pretty much guaranteed a haunted cathedral, and a cursed community. Bring in an outsider who can stir things up and you’ve got a story. A very dark one.

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Keeping it Spooky,

David Longhorn and Team Scare Street