What if we tell you that your suspicions about your childhood doll were true? That there’s a chance it actually was staring back at you. That it moved in the dead of night. Maybe it was a sound you heard, footsteps that were not just your imagination, a shadowy figure you thought you saw.

Ed and Lorraine Warren have always been known for their haunted cases and adventures with the supernatural. Even if you’re one to scoff at their story, actually seeing what they brought back as souvenirs is more than just disturbing.

And even worse are the dolls!

It all began when the two demonologists started collecting possessed items and decided to place them all together in their basement. The result?

Welcome to The Warrens Occult Museum.

Here, we bring you some of the most disturbing, freakiest dolls the couple have in their collection.



Demonic DollsThe infamous, terrifying doll, Annabelle, has over 10 articles and 3 movies trying to capture its horrifying essence. Nobody knows how or why Annabelle is possessed, but everybody is terrified of the horror it has caused its owners.

Before Annabelle was sealed behind a fenced box with a cross above it and a sign that reads, “Warning: Positively Do Not Open,” it was but a cheerful gift to Deidre Bernard from her mother. Deidre kept her raggedy doll on top of her bed with its legs and arms widely open every day before she went to work. However, she would come back home to find that the doll’s arms and legs were crossed.

Frustrated and confused, Deidre decided to cross its legs instead of leaving them open, and went to work. To her surprise, she returned back home and found that the doll had uncrossed its arms and legs.

Days passed, and the inexplicable occurrences started to escalate. The doll would move into different rooms, sit in different positions, and write notes such as, “Help Us” and, “Help Cal.”

One day, Deidre found the doll with blood stains on its hands and chest. Terrified she and her roommate, Lara, decided to contact a medium to understand what was happening. The medium told her about a little girl named Annabelle Higgins, who was once a happy child playing in the fields until her life mysteriously ended. After her death, she roamed the buildings that were built on this field.

After Deidre moved into the building, along with the doll, the ghost was happy that she had finally found something to play with. The ghost asked if she could live in the doll, and touched by her story, Deidre agreed. Cal, Lara’s boyfriend, didn’t agree with them, and had called Annabelle a “Voodoo doll.” After Cal’s accusation, he was bombarded with awful nightmares and sickening pains in his body.

One night, Cal woke up to see Annabelle shocking him; it was awfully strong. Another night, Annabelle had attacked him, and left him with seven bloody, scratches on his chest. They decided to contact their local priest, and that was how the Warrens heard their ominous story.

The Warrens delivered the victims a shocking truth, saying that there was no Annabelle, and it was but a mere trick from a demonic spirit, which was allowed to manifest the doll after their agreement. The Warrens told them that the spirit was given permission to inflict harm on them, and that if they had remained silent, the spirit would have killed them all within a week or two.

They held an exorcism, and took the doll with them. Whilst driving, Ed lost control over the car for a few times, and the priest who had made fun of the doll was killed in a dreadful accident. Disturbed by the doll, the Warrens decided to keep it in a sealed box.


The Shadow Doll

Demonic DollsIts name might not be intimidating enough, but its traumatizing face and figure sure are. The Warren’s files do not state why this horrible doll was created in the first place; however, they do state that it was used in satanic rituals, and it was created by black magic using human and animal bones.

It is rumored that if a picture were to be taken of the doll, it would project itself into the dreams of the person who dared to look it in the eye. However, it is not only a simple dream. The dream would be so intensely nightmarish that the victims would either suffer from a heart attack or forever be frightened of sleep because of the horrifying looking doll.

The files even state that there were a few deaths caused by it. The shadow doll was later found in an antique shop and oddly enough, a couple purchased it. After the purchase, the couple began to encounter the eeriest of nightmares. They later found out that they were experiencing the same nightmares of the cursed doll, and that the husband had scratches all over his back and neck, which could only be traced back to the shadow doll.

Today, this doll stands freely in the museum, with its black evil eyes, black feathery cloak, and mouth forever opened to devour your soul.


The Satanic Idol

 Demonic DollsMysteriously located deep in the woods of Connecticut, stood a stranded tall and odd-looking doll.

The first encounter with this doll occurred when a man was walking alone in the woods. He ran into the doll, and described what he felt as if the idol was sucking his strength and energy in order to weaken him. He said that the doll filled him with dread and fear. After he left the doll behind, he came across an old man in a black cloak walking opposite to him. Even though scared and shaken, he gathered up enough courage and asked for directions to get out of the forest. Fortunately, the old man guided him out.

We don’t know enough information about the idol’s background story, or how it was placed in the forest. However, Lorraine Warren said that it was one of the most dreadful paranormal artifacts she had ever encountered. After the Warrens put the idol in their basement, Lorraine began to experience horrifying activities, such as levitation and being in a catatonic state for days because of the satanic idol.

The idol may not look scary, but maybe that is how it lures its victims in. Ed Warren had placed this idol under the haunted paintings he had collected; it stands freely with its lean body, horned head and attached evil spirits, waiting for your visit.


The Two Deaf Dolls

Demonic DollsThese earless dolls are also known as Voodoo Dolls, and The Witch Dolls. These two dolls look ominously creepy; they are also known to attack the weakest and make them sick until their death. One doll has a noose around its head, while the other has eyes that stare into your soul.

A doll collector came across them, and thought she’d harmlessly add them to her collection. Little did she know, these dolls would be the reason her son almost died.

Shortly after owning them, strange occurrences began to take place. The dolls would change locations, and gradually decrease her son’s health. The collector decided then to lock them in a box, but that didn’t stop them from coming back out.

Her son’s health began to worsen even more, and even though the doctor’s reports showed no signs of any illness, the boy was on the verge of death. Stifled by terror over her son, the collector contacted the Warrens for help.

Shortly after their arrival, Lorraine felt the evil presence that roamed the house, and immediately removed the voodoo dolls. Subsequently, the boy’s health got better.

The dolls were kept safely in the museum, until one day, a retired navy commander and his wife visited the museum, and broke the protection by holding them. Later that night, the Warrens woke up to a loud noise coming from their basement. To their surprise, they found several dolls in a circle on the ground, and in the middle sat the two voodoo dolls. The retired commander, however, was involved in a horrible accident that night, and he swore he saw the two dolls gazing at him and laughing.


Beware Their Evil Stare…

These dolls still stand to this day in the basement of the Warrens in Monroe, Connecticut, now known as The Warrens Occult Museum; they may be shielded by sheer protection, but that doesn’t stop them from haunting your thoughts.

There are also many paranormal objects in the museum other than the dolls. Haunted paintings, human skulls, Ouija boards, Egyptian curses and mummies, cursed objects from African black magic, a haunted organ that plays itself, and a modern vampire coffin.

There are many signs scattered throughout the museum warning the visitors not to touch anything if they care for their lives. Victims who ignored the warnings were either haunted, possessed or murdered.

The museum is open for visitors, so anyone can witness the true horror that still stands to this day. Visitors can respectfully take pictures in order not to upset the spirits, and they can take a look at the Warrens’ files that include their investigations and experiences.

The question is, though, when the tour is over, are the visitors actually going home alone?