With the second Wrath and Vengeance trilogy, there was really only one place I felt that captured the madness and mayhem  I was going for; Las Vegas. Where there’s always something going on, no one’s surprised by anything, and nothing is ever solely just what it’s supposed to be. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of trips there and I can tell you – the place is like a carnival on a sugar high.

I once spent a week there and I completely lost track of time. Not just a few hours, mind you. Entire days. You can walk into one casino at eight in the morning and when you step back out, it’s nearing midnight. No windows, high oxygen content in the air conditioning, and bright lights work a treat to trick the brain. There’s even one place that had the ceiling painted like the sky and would routinely dim the lights, making it look like days had passed in a matter of minutes.

It can really mess with anyone’s head. So did the fact that it never actually got dark. At least not on ground level. There were times when I was walking down the Strip, basked in bright lights and swirling crowds, and just happened to look up. You can imagine my surprise when I found that it was actually night time.

It was that sensation of shifting reality, of constantly being surrounded by people but still being completely alone. The overwhelming feeling of being tiny compared to the grandiose things around me which I thought the Furies could have fun with. Or, more accurately, I could have fun with. All while tormenting my characters. And giggling evilly.

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Devil's Playground by Sara ClancySee you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy