A village-full of superstitious foreign folk. A mysterious castle in the woods. A mad scientist conducting bizarre experiments. A group of unwary tourists who really should know better…

Sound familiar? I grew up watching movies with those ingredients, so for the second book in the Ouroboros series, I thought I throw them in and shake ’em up a little. I mean, who doesn’t imagine being chased around a grim fortress by Something Scary? Fire up the flaming torches and let’s get the mob back together!

But, like a lot of people, I also felt a lot of sympathy for man-made monsters who have no choice in the matter. That’s where Fortress of Ghosts really begins. And ends.

Fortress of Ghosts (Ouroboros Series Book 2) is available today on Amazon, get it here!

Fortress of Ghosts by David Longhorn

For the best reading experience, start with
1. The Sign of Ouroboros (Ouroboros Series Book 1)
2. Fortress of Ghosts (Ouroboros Series Book 2)

Keeping it spooky,
David Longhorn and Team Scare Street