We’re all familiar with the Eagles’ hit song Hotel California, and the chilling lyrics that have lived with us over the years. After all, how many times have we been in a hotel room and couldn’t stop thinking about ‘those voices calling from far away’?

But that’s just a song, right? Those voices we’re actually hearing are only from the guests in the room next door, right?

Whether you are a skeptic of the paranormal or, like us, believe that ghosts are lurking around every corner, just waiting for us to drop our defenses, these stories of haunted hotels will chill you to the bone. Below are just a couple of hotels you might want to avoid while planning your vacation, or at least the ones we know about...

Better be careful where you choose to stay.


Flagstaff Hotel Monte Vista – San Francisco

Haunted Hotels - Hotel Monte VistaFamous for room 305, The Flagstaff Hotel opened in 1927. There have been numerous stories about paranormal activities going down at the Monte Vista, which earned the Hotel a reputation that they started to embrace it.

Room 305 is the most active room in the hotel; there have been reports about seeing an elderly woman on a rocking chair near the window. There have also been reports of seeing the chair moving by itself and the sounds of knocking coming from the closets.

According to history, the long-term renter would sit by the window for hours, looking at or for something, and maybe waiting for somebody, even after her death. We’re pretty sure hearing sounds coming from inside our closets is an occurrence we could do well without.

Another terrifying report from the Flagstaff Hotel that’s going to make you hate elevators — and probably develop a fear of them — came from the housekeeping staff. They claimed to have seen an elevator attendant assist them on their rides, even though the elevators were self-service. Reports state that he even spoke to the staff members and was seen “closing the elevator gates” for them.

Makes you consider using the staircase, doesn’t it?


The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

Haunted Hotels - Stanley HotelThe Stanley Hotel opened in 1909, by the famous couple F.O. and Flora Stanley. The goal was to build a secluded, grand mountain resort. Even though the great couple have passed, they don’t seem to have let go of their resort. Mr. Stanley has been reported hovering behind employees and Mrs. Stanley can still be heard playing the piano in her room.

Events of paranormal activity in the hotel can be traced all the way back to 1911, when a housekeeper was electrocuted by a lightning storm and over the years, the activities increased. None of the rooms are safe; each one experiences something weird, ranging from lights turning on and off by themselves to objects suddenly moving on their own.

If for some reason you decide to stay at the Stanley Hotel like Neil Gaiman did, make sure you stay away from the fourth floor. It’s been reported to have the sounds of children laughing and running up and down the halls. You never know, maybe your stay at the Stanley will inspire you to write an iconic horror novel, too.

Also, for those of you who are looking for a spooky experience, the hotel offers a night-time ghost hunt wherein the paranormal investigator teaches you tips and techniques, as well as shows you the latest equipment while you try your greatest efforts to get the spirits to come out and play.


The Hollywood Roosevelt –  Hollywood, California

Haunted Hotels - Roosevelt HotelSeveral famous Hollywood celebrities have stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel, and loved it. Even troubled celebrities like Marilyn Monroe stayed at the Roosevelt when her modeling career was taking off. As quoted by her, The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was one of the places she  would visit to find some peace.

However, Marilyn was troubled and unhappy while alive. She used sex, pills and alcohol to ease her emotional pain, which was caused by her unfortunate up-bringing during her horrible childhood.

Another essential guest at the Roosevelt was Montgomery Clift who was also a troubled but very talented actor who lost the people’s love because of his addiction to painkillers and alcohol. He first started to use these methods lightly to control his intestinal problems. However, Montgomery became a full-blown addict after his car accident in 1958.

After dying, both these well-known individuals appeared in the hotel, drawn back to the place where they had most success. They started to become very active and ready to move back in with the living guests after the first major renovation. They were looking for the peace and the memories of enjoyment they had had at this hotel when they were alive.

Maybe hanging out with Marilyn Monroe’s ghost isn’t the worst thing ever. Right?


Bourbon Orleans Hotel – In the heart of The French Quarter

Haunted Hotel - Bourbon Orleans HotelThe Bourbon Hotel has a tremendous history. The site was home to the famous Orleans Ballroom and Theater, and later was converted into the Sisters of the Holy Family’s convent in the 1800s. Yet, even with its rich history, it’s known as one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.

The Bourbon Hotel has had many paranormal activities, such as the lonely ghost dancer in The Orleans Ballroom which was once home to the grandest social events in the nineteenth century. The dancer is a ghost that has been seen dancing underneath the ballroom’s crystal chandelier multiple times. Moreover, there have been several reports of rustling sounds and a person hiding behind the draperies in the ballroom, even when there weren’t any windows open or people there.

The hotel also boasts reports of children and nuns who had died there back when the hotel was a convent and an orphanage. Light steps are often heard, and the most common tale is of a little girl chasing a ball around on the sixth floor. And if that isn’t enough, there is always the Confederate Soldier who loves to hang around the sixth and third floors.

With 218 rooms, some of which overlook Bourbon Street and Orleans Avenue, there isn’t a doubt that the Bourbon Orleans Hotel has something to offer everyone, even the lonely ghosts.


Checking out

Paranormal activity will always be a subject of debate, but what we know for sure is that some things we can’t explain are sure to pop up every now and then, and scare the hell out of us. Especially when you least expect it. No matter where you go, even if you’re visiting a five-star hotel for a relaxing vacation, the ghosts will find a way to make themselves known.

So watch your backs. Even if your head ‘grows heavy and your sight grows dim’, never stop for the night. Unless of course, you’re okay with spending the evening with a bunch of spirits roaming around your room.

Check out any time you want, but leaving…well, that’s up for grabs.