Some things just stick with you.

For me, one of those things was the legend of the banshee. In the same sitting, I read a dozen different stories. Some, where they offered sorrowful comfort to the grieving. Others where they appeared as terrifying omens to the living. And then there were the ones where they straight-out mocked people they didn’t like over their approaching deaths like catty teenagers. They sounded so dynamic, complicated, contradictory, and I really wanted to write about them. So, of course, I struggled to find a setting.

After hours behind a wheel, heading across Canada to my new job, with the setting sun turning the prairie grass gold, I stumbled across the perfect place. It was comfortingly beautiful. I instantly loved it. But I grew up in a highly populated, subtropical tourist area. So I couldn’t help but feel unnerved to hear actual silence for perhaps the first time. Nor could I fully ignore how creepy it was to see such vast open spaces with so few people. The duality of nature and sense of isolation got me thinking about banshees again and I decided; this is the place.

Seeing how many ways I could put these two ideas together, I started to think of all the other creatures that could go unseen, hiding out in the open grasslands, relying on the sparse population to keep their secrets. After a whirlwind of plotting, speculating, and a good deal of research, the Banshee Series was born.

I’m delighted to say that the idea that had taunted me for years is finally on the page. Thank you for reading and I truly hope that you enjoy my twist on an ever evolving legend.

Midnight Screams (Banshee Series Book 1) is available today on amazon for 99c, get it here!

Midnight Screams