Autumn is here.

Of all the seasons, autumn is by far, my favorite. The changing leaves, the cool winds, and the terrors which creep out of the dark places of my heart, all thrill me.

There is no finer place than New England in autumn, and New England is a wealth of horror.

Yes, you read that correctly. It ‘is’ a wealth of horror, not ‘has.’ There is a constant state of flux for the horror which thrives here, and it is a horror which keeps me enthralled. Proof of this power over me reared its head weeks ago when I happened to be traveling through the southern portion of New Hampshire.

I saw a small red schoolhouse. Around the building headstones were scattered, some of which pre-dated the birth of the United States as a sovereign nation. I pulled my car over, of course, and walked among our ancient dead. There, with the past at my feet, I wondered how many were still lingering around their graves. Had they always been there? What if they had been driven from somewhere else, forced out and made to return to their moldering corpses?

Who could drive out the dead, and why would they?

More importantly, I think, is who would come to the aid of the displaced dead?

I hope you’ll come with me and see where the questions take us. It’s autumn, and there are horrors waiting for us both.

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For the best reading experience, also download Coffin Cemetery (Tormented Souls Series, Book 1).

See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley