When I first pitched the idea for Banshee to Scare Street, it was with a bit of trepidation. I was a new horror author and I wasn’t sure they’d let me indulge in such an admittedly weird concept. A male Banshee, a sugar-hyped main character, obscure monsters that I personally wanted to see in more stories.

There was a lot there that they could have shot down. A part of me felt like I was asking them, and by extension, you, to invest in a pet project. I loved the characters. I loved the idea. But how would it be received?

The outpouring of support for the series left me stunned.

Banshee has become one of my favorite works. And I think that devotion and enthusiasm really shows. Benton and Nicole came so far in the original trilogy, and being able to return to that world for three more books was an unexpected gift I’m endlessly grateful for.

Thank you to each and every person that helped my silly little plot bunny evolve into a series that will always have a place in my heart. I hope that Banshee, the world and the characters, might become a soft spot for you, too.

So come and see the tale unfold, and get to know the creatures that lurk in the dark. Just remember the warning within the Banshee’s wail. It promises that the monsters are always closer than you think.

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Banshee Series Books 1 – 6 is also available in audiobook format.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy