Well, here we are, plunging into the third part of Marcus Mortlake’s adventures.

Having faced werewolves and ghosts, Mortlake is now pitted against the powers of the blood-drinking undead. One of whom is an ex-girlfriend, which makes things a little awkward for many reasons.

Meanwhile, Tara Pride has doubts about her wayward telekinetic powers and is no longer on the team—or is she?

As you may have noticed, our hero has a tendency to get into paranormal scrapes. But how did it all start? Why would a (fairly) mild-mannered professor have a sideline in psychic sleuthing?

In this book, you’ll find out.

The story involves the mysterious and powerful Nathaniel Crowe, who was supposed to have died in a fire along with other members of his cult, including Mortlake’s then-girlfriend Cassandra.

Needless to say, things aren’t that simple.

Is Cassandra bonkers or just miffed? What is the mysterious One True Game that Crowe is playing? And will Opal the cat figure how to open Mortlake’s fridge while he is away fighting evil?

Some of these questions will be answered in this book. And finding out will be fun, though not for many of the characters.

Bloodlust (Mortlake Series Book 3) is available on Amazon! Get it now at a discounted price of 99c!

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