At the end of Devil Ship, I left my characters—alive and undead—with quite a few problems. In the second book, more problems arise. Among them are amateur dramatics, a corrupt tycoon, and some immensely powerful magic that goes way back. So, business as usual on Sainte Isabel. The Devil Ship still cruises off the cove, and sinister forces are at work on several levels…

In this book I drew on my long-term interest in mysticism, particularly the question of what happens to the soul when we die (assuming it doesn’t just zoom straight up to heaven or down to the other place) and how the living might interact with the dead. Discerning readers might also note a somewhat masculine approach to cookery and some life-affirming moments amid the horror and bloodshed.

Well, that’s what I was aiming for. But, as in the firing a centuries-old pirate cannon, did I hit the target? Only you can say, gentle reader…

For the best reading experience, also read Devil Ship (Devil Ship Series Book 1).

Dark Soul (Devil Ship Series Book 2) is now available on Amazon at 99c for a limited time.

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn