Survival horror is one of my favorite genres. Those stories in which a powerful killer stalks his victims through the woods, and they have to rely on wits and luck to survive.

I wanted to channel that—the feeling of being lost and pursued—with the terror of not even understanding what’s stalking you into this story.

Vincent has survived everything that the ritual threw at him, and now wields ultimate power. Or so he thought.

Because his final enemy is revealed, and it is more than Vincent could have ever expected.

Miles from civilization, Vincent and the others will be forced to deal with not just a spirit or a monster, but a force of nature.

I wanted the final book of Jigsaw of Souls to end the whole story with a big bang that, maybe, isn’t the big bang people expect.

It certainly is not what Vincent expects.

But I think it’s the only way the story should end.

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