Well, here we are again on the haunted island of Sainte Isabel, in lockdown and in trouble.

At the end of the previous book, Sara struggled free of the spirit of Catherine Le Foix and Victor Lemaitre, the Devil Ship captain, had to postpone his plans to massacre everyone.

However, a few months have passed and things are getting ominous again.

Strange things—unpleasant things— are happening at sea. Sara and her pal Keri both feel they are being watched by someone, or something, in the trees. The island’s governor is paranoid and he may have good reason. And Mama Bondurant, the priestess of voudon, is worried about demonic forces being unleashed again—forces that lurk in in the mysterious heart of Sainte Isabel. Who are the Lost Ones? And what is that little monkey-demon really up to?

As before, this one reflects my interest in history, pirates, seafaring in general, and what happens when evil entities get loose.

I hope you enjoy it!

Death Fleet (Devil Ship Series Book 3) is now available on Amazon at 99c for a limited time.

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See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn