“What’s really going on?”

In a horror story, it is quite important to have the reader ask that question, as a rule.

And in this book, a lot goes on. Our hero has strange dreams that puzzle him. Terrifying beasts appear by night and attack the innocent, seemingly at random. A shadowy government outfit appears and offers Mortlake and Lynn some help—but they’re not sure whether to trust agencies running classified operations.

So… what is really going on?

This is just a preview of the strange story of Death Hunt. It is based very firmly in real folklore involving the Wild Hunt, but with my own take on a few things. I put it together with a related belief—that of the mysterious (and huge) ghostly hounds that haunt certain areas. Throw in a certain magical item (again, based on something very real) and the result is—I hope—interesting.

As this is the last book in the Mortlake series, the stakes are high for the good guys. Too high, as a matter of fact.

I hope you enjoy our final adventure with Professor Marcus Mortlake.

Before the One True Game claims him.

Or will it?

Death Hunt (Mortlake Series Book 6) is available on Amazon!

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