Talk about some big shoes to fill.

How do you tackle someone like Shane Ryan in a new and exciting way?

For my part, I wanted to try to break new ground while paying homage to the true spirit of Shane. He’s tough, he’s no-nonsense, and he’s not a guy any ghost would want to mess with.

So why not make a lot of ghosts mess with him?

I’m a huge fan of martial arts movies, and I love the fighting tournament idea. Bloodsport, even Mortal Kombat—these stories were always exciting for me because they pit heroes against all these other unique and powerful beings.

Add in ghosts and people who wield powers like Shane to the mix, and you have prime grounds for a real ghostly throwdown.

I wanted Shane to be out of his element, to not have as much control as he usually does and cut him off from people who might be able to help him.

He has to make new alliances in unfamiliar territory—where the only options are to kill everyone else or to die.

And for such a tall order, only a villain like he’s never experienced before, someone with powers he’s never dealt with, deserves the spot.

I’m excited for this series, and I hope you are as well. I hope I’ve done justice to the character of Shane Ryan while presenting him in a new light with new challenges.

Things are only going to get much worse before he gets to the end of the Iron Tournament.

Duel of the Damned (Shadow King Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon!

See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey