What happens when someone truly monstrous is no longer bound by any rules of the living world?

The first book in this series saw how longtime murderer Wyatt Hawthorn stirred the ghost of his victim into becoming a killer himself.

For this installment, it only makes sense to up the ante and have the horrifying serial killer wreak havoc even as a ghost.

And after our road trip to Ontario, we head back south of the boarder—to Detroit. The once vibrant and bustling Motor City seems like the perfect stomping grounds for a ghost who doesn’t want to be found but loves to flaunt his killings.

Once again Shane and Jacinta play to their strengths and rely on each other in this cat and mouse chase with the man who’s brought terror for many years. And everything has to be done under the watchful eye of the detective who thinks there’s more to Shane than what he’s letting on.

The similarities between monsters alive and dead plays heavy here.

As does trying to find the light, even in the darkness.

Hell’s City (Hell’s Vengeance Series Book 2) is now available on Amazon.

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See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey