Ghosts, demons, and monsters are truly terrifying, but they are also far away from us. They are fiction, and even if we encounter a strange occurrence, or an unexplained event in real life, our minds will always tend to look for a logical explanation.

Was it a ghost? Maybe. But maybe it was the wind.

There’s comfort in knowing something strange has a rational explanation.

But what about the monsters that are real?

For this novel, I wanted to merge a supernatural threat with one just as terrifying but all too real—the serial killer. How would Shane handle dealing with two kinds of monsters in one? How would everyone else who doesn’t know the things Shane knows handle it?

In real life, Highway 401 in Canada has a long, bloody history with killers taking advantage of the empty spaces and the frequent travelers—that part is all true.

But in our story, Shane gets in the mix, and the victims of the killer are not resting easy.

I wanted Shane to play to his strengths while detectives Jacinta Perez and Denise Sandoval play to theirs. All of them investigating the same terrible events but from different perspectives, until they inevitably collide in what’s sure to leave a lot of bodies in its wake.

And as Shane knows better than anyone, sometimes death is just the beginning.

Hell’s Highway (Hell’s Vengeance Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey