What happens when Shane Ryan agrees to help a friend and suddenly everything spirals out of control?

Shane is no stranger to haunted houses. But usually, he gets to work on his own terms and handle the situation his way. This time, called to help James Moran, Shane has to take on seven spirits with one rule.

He can’t destroy them.

The result is Shane in a haunted house unlike any other he’s experienced before, trapped with some of the worst spirits he’s ever had to face. And this time around there’s no backup, no regrouping, no place to rest and think and come back with a better plan.

It’s a gauntlet for Shane, an endless parade of mayhem to put him to the ultimate test.

And it’s not going to be pretty.

No tricks, no connections to the outside world. Nothing can be taken for granted.

And all of it happening under the looming presence of the unseen and unknown Cult of the Endless Night, whose members know far more about Shane than they should.

House of the Dead is really about pitting Shane not just against ghosts but against himself. He has to use his wit, his strength, and his stamina to handle a night of endless horror without relying on his usual methods.

How much can one man, even a man like Shane, endure?

House of the Dead is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey