When I was little, I loved a show that followed scientists trying to prove the existence of monsters.

It probably wasn’t the most accurate depiction of the scientific method, but I was enthralled. It was exciting to think that all those things whispered about in myths could really be out there. That maybe, the world wasn’t as mundane as everyone had told me it was.

Maybe there is something worth unearthing out there.

Years later, I learned in history class that the Romans had thought people insane for believing legends about long-legged monsters with serpentine necks. Now we know about giraffes in children’s books.

In this volume, we explore the things still waiting to be known. What is a cathedral hiding within its illusory beauty? Did the ghost hunters who dared to expose a hoax get more than what they bargained for? Can a simple error in an obituary forebode something ominous? What magic does a quaint jukebox that plays old tunes hold?

Delve into this tome of dark tales about all the things that could still be lurking just beyond human understanding.

Enjoy them now because they might not be myths forever.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy