There are mysteries in this world that we’re better off leaving unexamined. Unfortunately for us, we humans suck at letting things go.

I learned to read with a secret motive; I wanted to know what was in all those books adults kept putting on the highest shelves. Warning me that they would only give me nightmares wasn’t the deterrent everyone thought it was.

It seemed unfair that grown-ups got to explore all the dark, strange, and terrifying things while I was stuck hearing them tell me the same story for the thousandth time.

I wanted the macabre.

I wanted to explore the unknown.

It’s a common impulse, and in this volume of Night Terrors, we join the unfortunate souls that ventured too far into the shadows.

A mysterious death is only the beginning of an elderly couple’s nightmare. Spirits desperate to communicate warnings of doom turn to an unlikely means. A mother still reeling from the disappearance of two local children is troubled by the growing changes in her son. An uncle’s mysterious gift forever changes a Christmas tradition. And a groundskeeper becomes obsessed with one of the graves in his care and all the things that could have been.

It’s natural to want to know. It’s an impulse we all share.

But we must always remember that when we creep into the dark, not everything there wants to be known.

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Sara Clancy