I love snuggling under a mound of blankets on cold winter nights. Melting into the warmth of my bed, closing my eyes, and drifting lazily to sleep.

Then there are those nights when I wiggle down and my foot hits something solid. Something that shouldn’t be there.

Those nights, I will lay in the dark, with the unknown thing a constant pressure against me, and desperately try to reason the sensation away. Because I know whatever it is that I’m feeling can’t possibly be there. Eventually, I gather enough courage to bolt upright and face the unknown head-on.

Those nights, I just end up feeling silly for getting worked up over something harmless, like a pair of socks.

But not everyone is as lucky.

In this volume of Night Terrors, a boy defies death to force his friends to keep to their Halloween traditions. In a dystopian world, the only punishment fitting for a man’s crimes is to force him to relive his worst memories. Years after his brother’s disappearance, a man recounts what he knows and explores what he doesn’t. And a friendship forged from manipulation and loneliness is further twisted by the development of a mysterious power.

You see, dear reader, these small encounters with the unknown aren’t always harmless…

Because when your luck finally runs out, the next one might very well be your last.

Night Terrors Volume 18 is available on Amazon! Get it now at a discounted price of 99c!

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Sara Clancy