I dog-sit at a house that’s surrounded by bushland. The first night I was there, I let the dogs out to relieve themselves before bed and was startled by how dark it was.

Nothing seemed to exist beyond the reach of the porch lights.

Then a branch snapped, and the dogs took off after it. As I stood there, helplessly listening to them chasing something through the underbrush, my mind went wild with thoughts of what, or who, could have been out there.

The dogs returned a few minutes later, unharmed, and far too pleased with themselves.

I never found out what was in the forest that night, but they haven’t done it since. I still recheck the locks and turn on all the lights before I open the door.

Life is full of these moments that make us question how safe we truly are.

If we’re lucky, we’ll never have to know what’s hiding in the dark.

In this volume of Night Terrors, a night in a haunted house forever changes two strangers’ lives. A man is haunted by the past he’s trying to escape. Resurfacing childhood memories forces a woman to confront a monster from her past. A photographer awakes to a living nightmare that he’ll do anything to escape. And a woman desperately tries to keep ahead of both her guilt and a creature of folklore.

Curl up, dear reader, but keep a cautious eye on the shadows.

Hopefully, you never find out what’s lurking just beyond your sight.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy