The worst things come for us when we feel our safest, when we’re at our most vulnerable.

Normally, I’m a cautious, sometimes paranoid, person (workplace hazard of being a horror writer). Never park next to a van. Look in the back seat before getting into a car. Always lock the door behind you.

I still can’t fathom my actions on this particular day. Preoccupied with the list of errands I still had to do, I sat in my car and fussed with my grocery bags. Then I turned to close my door. A man I had never seen before was standing there, only inches away, staring at me.

I was lucky that day.

He was harmless.

An old man that wanted to help a lady struggling with her bags. But I haven’t tested my luck since.

This volume of Night Terrors is full of stories where people are blindsided when they felt their safest. A woman profiting off ghosts might just end up joining them. A restaurant’s night shift lures something sinister. A mysterious book threatens to hold its readers forever. A woman confronts her past, only to find it has been waiting for her. A lonely recluse’s new pet has a taste for blood. And the crew of a fishing trawler is visited by something from the depths.

Curl up, dear reader, and join us in these tales.

But don’t get too comfortable.

There’s always something waiting for us to let our guards down.

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