Something I’ve learned through my true crime fixation is that secrets require maintenance.

It is easy to get away with something horrific. That’s just a moment in time.


The moment you take your eye off the ball is when things start to fall apart.

And some people are unfortunate enough to unwittingly stumble across something dangerous and forced to keep it secret.

In this volume of Night Terrors, we see these poor souls catch a glimpse behind the curtain and pay the price.

A woman possesses the ability to generate wealth when happy—whether it’s a blessing or a curse is yet to be seen. A man seeks revenge for the death of his daughter and communes with her spirit, but he might not be the only one with the dead whispering in his ear. Defying orders to find the truth pits a corporal against the unknown, against things that the government would do anything to keep hidden.

Some things are safe as whispers and rumors, but deadly when brought into the light. They are best kept hidden—lost and forgotten.

So, when things start to fall apart and the monsters come, remember that you’ve been warned.

After all, secrets are easy to create but very difficult to keep.

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Sara Clancy