Let me tell you about a strangely calm night from years ago. It was a new moon, and all my neighbors had gone to bed oddly early. No passing cars, no breeze; even the nocturnal birds were silent.

It was so uncharacteristically dark and quiet.

Then I woke to something tapping on my window. I’m not completely paranoid, so I reasoned it was some stray wildlife. Ignoring it, I kept my eyes closed and went back to sleep.

That’s when I heard the whispers.

You see, what made it more intriguing was the fact that my bedroom was on the third floor of our house.

The window was behind me, closed but with the curtains open. And so I lay there and contemplated the options we all have when faced with the unknown.

I could have done what the characters in Night Terrors Volume 24 had.

I could have searched for answers like our middle-aged physical therapist did. It’s not every day that your newest client is a girl she knew in high school—a girl who is miraculously still 17. Perhaps I had already stumbled into a bad situation, much like the man who unearthed pottery from a creek bank and brought something home with him. Or the man being stalked by a murderer who has been dead for two centuries.

I chose to pretend I was asleep until the tapping and the whispering stopped.

It wasn’t easy by any means.

But sometimes, ignorance is the best option.

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Sara Clancy