I’m always amazed by the things children come up with.

They will tell the most messed up stories in the sweetest tones you’ve ever heard—pure nightmare fuel wrapped in an innocent bundle.

Little girls have introduced me to dolls with the most horrific backstories I’ve ever heard while playing tea party. An eight-year-old I regularly babysat would point at random mundane objects and explain how approaching them would guarantee grizzly deaths. She just works it in between discussions of cotton candy and what princess she wants to be when she grows up.

Stories in this volume of Night Terrors rival those kids’ imagination. A woman encounters a monster in the depths of the Amazon—and it’s still hungry. An astronaut survives a failed journey to Mars, and that’s just the start of his horrors. And a small boy is terrified of the shadowy creatures that appear in his room at night, but there might be something worse lurking nearby.

Kids see scary things lurking in anything and anyone.

Sometimes, I wonder how often they get it right.

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Sara Clancy