One of the most terrifyingly beautiful dangers of my homeland Australia is the funnel-web spider. Pitch black, glossy, and over an inch long; it’s not an arachnid to be messed with, as one man famously learned. Finding one at the bottom of his pool, he waited several hours to ensure it was dead and scooped it out.

Fun fact: funnel-web spiders can survive completely submerged for up to 30 hours.

And it didn’t appreciate being disturbed.

This volume of Night Terrors is full of people who also thought they were in control:

A boy knows that the woman who came out of the forest is not his mother. How far will he go to get his real mother back?

A band kills a man in a hit-and-run and decide to keep it secret. But what if the dead man violently disagrees?

And a friendly neighborhood werewolf gets his first taste of human meat. What if his neighbor decides that his death is the only option?

The thing about dangerous situations is that you’re never fully in control. And it pays to never forget that.

’Cuz once you assume that you are, you might just end up being someone’s breakfast.

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