I have been mightily stressed as of late, and so I thought, maybe what I needed was a little bit of terror to soothe my soul.

Perhaps a little bit would have been fine.

Perhaps—just perhaps—a little bit would have calmed me.

But I didn’t get that. Not with this collection of shorts.

No. Not at all.

Instead, I received a near-lethal dose of the stuff, and it turns out that it was exactly what the doctor ordered. (Though I’m not sure what sort of doctor would prescribe it or why I would go to such a physician in the first place.)

This collection of short stories, once again gathered from some of the finest up and coming writers in the genre, slammed the brakes on my mundane and worldly fears and dragged me down into a series of nightmares.

And for that, I am grateful.

Is that the right word?

Of course, it is.

Horror works its charms upon us, especially when the realities we face daily weigh heavily upon us.

Look at us. Neither you nor I can deny how much we love horror. How much we depend on it to get us through our days. We have our rough spots, some of which last longer than others, but we have horror to see us through.

And that’s what this volume has helped me to do.

So, take a seat with me, and let’s get terrified together.

Night Terrors Volume 7 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

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