All the lights in my office are on.

This is the place where I sit and think, drink coffee by the gallon, and let my own dark thoughts spill out onto my writing.

Tonight, it’s also where I sat down to read this new collection of short stories.

I live in New England, in a small, old house, in a small, old town. The house creaks and groans, whispers its aged secrets, and fills my office with an air of the macabre.

Rarely do I sit down here to read. I usually sit in my favorite chair, secure in the knowledge that should I put the book down, I can readily be returned to my own place in time and space.

But I didn’t read these stories in my chair.

No, I read them in my office, shrouded in darkness with only a dim light to illuminate the pages.

And it was magnificent.

The darkness of the stories spilled out, seeped into the corners of the room, and then crept up the walls, seeking to pen me in. I sank into the shadows, and I foundered there, unable to escape, to come up for air… until the phone rang and shook me free.

Now, all the lights are on, and I think I’m ready to pick up where I left off.

So, come on, take a seat where it’s safe, and join me as I slip back into the shadows.

Night Terrors Volume 8 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

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See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley