What’s better than a monster? Whole bundles of ‘em!

To celebrate the release of the sixth book in the Nightmare Series, Scare Street is bundling books 1-3, and books 4-6, together. So, anyone interested in owning the entire set can purchase them now. There’s never been a better time to buy bundles of monsters.

When I started writing Nightmare Abbey I had no idea it would expand into the longest series I’ve written for Scare Street. I simply had the idea of an English nobleman playing at Devil worship, then discovering too late that he was monkeying with something very real and very dangerous – but not, in fact, the Devil…

From that very basic idea a story grew, and Denny Purcell, her friend Frankie, and the scientist Ted Gould soon walked onto the stage. And, of course, the Interlopers, beings very alien and terrifying, but with their strange fate bound up with our human world.

I suppose behind the remarkable success of the series is the simple fact that the most frightening thing is the human imagination… where all the monsters dwell.

The Nightmare Series bundles are now available on Amazon.

Nightmare Series Books 1 – 3

Nightmare Series Books 4 – 6

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn