People seem to like Rookwood Asylum a lot, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy, as you can imagine. To follow it up I thought some more about the way Doctor Palmer became such a monstrous entity after his death. What allows such a being to grow and evolve at Rookwood? And what confines it there, when Palmer so clearly would love to rampage around free of all constraints?

To help answer those questions I created a new elderly professor-type, one of those characters who helps explain a few things. People who read my books will be used to these older guys turning up as the voice of reason and knowledge, two things I feel are undervalued nowadays. I felt I had to balance out such wisdom by introducing modern media culture, in the form of a TV crew determined to make a documentary about Rookwood.

As for my hero, Paul Mahan, I knew he had to become more pro-active. In the first book he was a regular guy reacting to extraordinary events. Now he is accustomed to paranormal phenomena, how will he rise to the challenge of the Palmer entity? I hope you enjoy finding out as much as I did.

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See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn