There’s a common thread in a lot of horror that deals with monsters.

Whether it’s a slasher like Ghostface, a vampire like Dracula, the wolfman or a zombie, the idea is that something turned a person into a nightmare.

There’s a whole new layer of fear in that concept—the realization that it could happen to you.

Fiona has been a fun character to write. I had a blast getting inside her head, to understand what a young woman would do when confronted with something that cannot and should not ever make sense.

In dealing with her uncle’s collection, Fiona has encountered some terrifying forces. Ghosts, serial killers, monsters trapped inside harmless dolls.

But this time, for her final challenge, she’s forced to face something that makes monsters. Something that could rob you of your humanity and turn you into something else.

That, to me, is where true fear comes from.

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