One of the big goals in this series is to pit Shane against something bigger than a single enemy.

And the cult of the Endless Night has proven to be bigger and more widespread than Shane had expected. It is a movement made up of the selfish, cruel, and greedy.

People who will do anything for money and power, no matter who has to die along the way.

Thus a cat and mouse game of tracking down who heads the organization.

So that Shane can stop them once and for all.

The problem? He can’t trust anyone.

From small, middle-of-nowhere towns to rich neighborhoods in Boston, Shane goes to hunt for their leader. Along the way, enemies become partners.

And Shane learns what kind of people spend millions on rare and dangerous ghosts.

Shane has always been good at destroying ghosts, and even taking on the living. But the Cult of the Endless Night is something new entirely.

Will he succeed in finally cutting the head of the beast that is the Endless Night?

Or will he drown in the shadows of deceit created by the centuries-old cult bent on keeping their secret from the world at large?

Shadows of Deceit (Cult of the Endless Night Series Book 2) is now available on Amazon.

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See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey