A peaceful English village, nestling in verdant countryside. A centuries-old church presided over by an eccentric clergyman. A mystery that lurks in the crypt.

A secret hidden for centuries that erupts into the modern world and shatters the idyllic lives of visitors and villagers alike.

An outsider, or maybe several, who comes to investigate.

As a boy I saw so many movies and TV shows with these basic ingredients, and I soon found plenty of stories in books that followed the tested formula.

There’s something about the peace and quiet of a small, rural community that makes a menace more immediate and disturbing. The contrast between the cozy setting and the threat gives an added frisson. And characters are more easily caught off guard when they’re in a comfortable, welcoming place.

So, in a way, I’m going back to my roots for this first book in a new series featuring Marcus Mortlake and his partner, Lynn Carroll. They’ve both been through the wringer in the previous series (check it out!) but their new adventures will be something else.

I hope you enjoy their adventures in quaint Little Purdey, and stay with them for more to come.

Shadows of Redemption (Book of Death Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon! Grab your copy now!

Professor Marcus Mortlake also appears in

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn