I grew up across the street from a decent-sized cemetery, a cemetery that terrified me every night. Being the incorrigible youth that I was, I would creep down the stairs until I could just see out the window of the front door and stare out at the headstones. Invariably, I would see ghosts and goblins, and I knew they were coming after me.

That was the beginning of my fascination with cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds. I’ve wandered through all types, and there is something thrilling about them. Reading the names off the stones and markers, imagining the lives and deaths of those buried, that allowed my imagination to run rampant.

What you’re looking at in this volume is a collection of the stories that leaped to mind as I prowled these places of remembrance. These are the thoughts I have as I stand among the dead. There are ghosts and monsters in these stories. Terrible creatures that hunt down the innocent and the guilty alike, because in the end, that’s what I find to be truly terrifying.

The innocent are taken along with the guilty, in the end.

I want you to remember that, as you’re reading these stories. I want you to keep in mind that the dead and the monsters that lurk near even the most modern of cemeteries, they don’t care if you’re good or if you’re bad.

They just don’t want you there, and they’ll let you know it too.

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Short Horror Stories Volume 13 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley