It’s incredible how much a single book can change your life.

True crime can be a gateway to the horror genre. My parents weren’t excited about their child reading up on serial killers, but I think they hoped I might grow up to be a cop.

Then I stumbled across John Douglas (a pioneer in criminal profiling) and everything changed.

The books I had read before were like slasher flicks in written form: Here’s this monster. Here’s what he did. Isn’t it creepy?

John Douglas, however, made the victims human. He made the monsters human, too.

Reality swaggered into my childhood that day. I now know that everyone and anyone could be a killer. (And maybe that nice old librarian got away with it.)

In Volume.19, we present three stories of books wreaking destruction. A woman can’t resist a mysterious tome in Ron Ripley’s Bound with Love. In Bring Me Secrets by Bronson Carey, the promise of knowledge comes at a high price. And David Longhorn’s By the Book weaves a tale of fictional murders becoming horrifically real.

It only takes a little bit of knowledge to shatter our sense of safety. And you can find a whole lot of knowledge between the pages of a book.

Careful reading, everyone.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy