Who wants some homegrown horror?

In Texas, I found a few houses and a solitary diner scattered over a dull, barren plane. There was this eerie calm that lingered in the air, a kind of stillness that I had never felt, that was broken only by a waitress with a thick southern drawl. We chatted, and the topic of the summer heat came up. She told me that the previous day, “was so hot, you could look outside and see the devil dancin’.”

For a moment, it felt like it wasn’t just a figure of speech. There was just something about that town.

Short Horror Stories Volume 21 brings us tales of some towns that you might want to avoid.

In Ron Ripley’s Outside of Town, a man’s desire to win a treasure hunt has him ignoring the danger gathering around him. A Peculiar Song, written by Bronson Carey, is the story of a small town haunted by a mysterious sound that heralds madness and death. And finally, in Scouting by Ron Ripley, a campfire story haunts a group of young Scouts in a very tangible way.

Enjoy and remember, no town is safe from horror.

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Short Horror Stories Volume 21 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy