Children are inherently creepy. We can all agree on that.

There are the ‘imaginary friends’, the freaky dolls, and that weird phase they go through where you wake up to find them staring unblinkingly at you from the shadows. (Please tell me that my niece wasn’t the only one who did that.) Not to mention that, by legend, they’re also the most vulnerable to the forces of the unknown. It doesn’t seem like a winning combination.

With Short Horror Stories Volume 22, our authors weave tales of the horrors that could be stalking our children. In Secrets in the House, Ron Ripley gives us a story of a child, a startling discovery, and long-awaited revenge. The Changeling, written by Lizzette Ardena, follows a father’s desperation to keep the secret of his child’s miraculous recovery, whatever the cost. And lastly, Ron Ripley’s Swamp Hunt, shows us what can happen when a child becomes a little too attached to the dead.

As I said before, kids are inherently creepy. But one must wonder if there are things following them that are far, far worse.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy