There once was a woman who rented a basement apartment from a kindly old lady and her son. She thought it was sweet that her landlady’s son would often cook for her, until the day that she decided to save the meal for later. That night, she woke to find the him crawling into bed with her.

When questioned by police, it was discovered that the man and been secretly lacing the home-cooked meals with sedatives, rendering the woman unconscious and letting himself in as she slept. Despite all logic, the man honestly believed that they were a loving couple coming up on their one-year anniversary.

He had been stalking her for a year, and she had never known.

Stories like this, and the ones within this volume, have helped shape me into the paranoid person I am today. There’s just something about a stalker’s patient persistence that chills me to the bone. Death itself can’t end a stalker’s obsession in Love Me Dead. In Ron Ripley’s Health and Welfare Check, a stalker realizes that their victim has gone missing and takes it upon himself to investigate. And finally, in Making Friends, Bronson Carey reminds us that terror can find us anywhere, no matter how populated and well-lit.

Settle in dear reader—get comfortable and enjoy our stories. Just remember, you might not be as alone as you think.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy