It really doesn’t take much for a gift to change from sweet to sinister.

There was once a woman that was terrorized when she received flowers at work. Naturally, her co-workers found her reaction to be odd and bombarded her with questions. It soon came out that she had been running from a stalker for years. She had changed her name, her look, moved across the country, and none of it had been enough. No matter where she went or what she did, there was always a bunch of daffodils waiting for her.

In Volume 26 of Short Horror Stories, we bring you three tales of gifts you don’t wish to receive. Porcelain Elephants by Ron Ripley has a man’s life forever altered by a group of small figurines. A woman discovers a mysterious gift under her Christmas tree, and the creature that wants it back in my own Do You Hear What I Hear. And Anna Sinjin’s The Cursed Necklace completes our volume with the story of the consequences of an impulsive purchase.

Remember dear reader, sometimes the most terrifying thing in the world is an innocent-looking gift.

Other volumes in the series:

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy