Once, while working a predawn shift at a hotel, I arrived at the front desk to find Slenderman hanging out in the attached liquor shop. Our monitors picked up all the security cameras and there he was— standing motionless, staring at the camera as much as anyone with no eyes could. Then the workers came in, the lights turned on, and it was just a bottle display and a promotional poster of some guy I don’t know.

My point is that perception changes everything. It can turn cardboard cutouts into creepypastas and, sometimes, it can create places for the real monsters to hide.

Distortions of our self-image is a breeding ground for horror in ‘Body Image’. In ‘Shrink’, we explore all the dangers of not being able to trust our perceptions of others. And in ‘Locked’, the perceived evil of others, and our rights to revenge, bleed from the past into the present.

Beware. Perception can be a killer.

Other volumes in the series:

Short Horror Stories Volume 7 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy