We all have this driving need to believe that we can be forgiven for the wicked things we do.

Wipe the slate clean.

Pay your debt.

Do your time.

Make amends.

It all works under the same idea—that, with time and remorse, we can leave our sins behind and move on with our lives.

I think we have to believe it. Because what’s the alternative? That every horrible thing we do becomes a creature forever stalking us?

Some might be slower than others, but they’re always there, following behind. Our constant companions just waiting for a chance to sink their fangs in and rip our lives apart.

What if I tell you, there are places in this world that make us confront the sins we desperately want to hide from, where forgiveness isn’t an option, and nothing is ever forgotten?

Places like Kurtain Motel.

Or, the small town of Refuge.

So, come join me, dear reader. Let’s go visit these places, where it takes far more than repentance to wash away sins.

This Bonus Edition digital box set includes Kurtain Motel (Book 1), Refuge (Book 2), Purgatory (Book 3), plus Scary Stories, a collection of short stories written by Ron Ripley.

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See you in the shadows,

A. I. Nasser